Street Outlaws Stars Hit The Real Streets For Some Old School Testing

If we were to argue about what the most important component of building a drag racing ...

If we were to argue about what the most important component of building a drag racing machine is, there would probably be lots of different ideas floating around. At the forefront, we find things like money.

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Of course, he or she with the most money is going to probably have a little bit of a head start on the competition. However, what happens when tons of money is being thrown in every direction? At some point, there definitely has to be diminishing returns when throwing more money at a problem just isn’t going to do much on its own. Factor in the high dollar sponsorships that might be floating around and money becomes even less powerful, surprisingly enough.

From there, most racers will probably tell us that experience and data are the next important things in being able to make a clean pass. Naturally, an inexperienced driver is going to make a lot more mistakes. However, a driver that has made a lot of test passes will have the opportunity to make a clean pass when it actually matters. Being able to gather experience is one function of the data that racers will gain when testing.

Another result of gathering data is going to naturally be a better car. Sure, the casual racing spectator might just see cars as a combination of power and traction. However, it’s the hundreds of tiny little adjustments within these cars that truly win races. With more passes on a car, more data will be able to be gathered and therefore, more informed decisions can be made. In other words, even in the world of drag racing where things seem so simple, knowledge is power in the purest way imaginable.

This time, we get to drop in on a little bit of a testing session that shows us that the best racers in the game are even out there, late-night, testing out their machines. Just because names like Murder Nova, Lutz Race Cars, and Fireball have all climbed to the top of the ranks doesn’t mean that they are resting on our laurels. Instead, as these guys want to stay on top, they are constantly out there testing, making adjustments, and ensuring that they are going to be in the best possible position to win come race day/night.

By following along with the video below, we get to see that firsthand as these three get prepared to go to war on the streets.

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