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Throwback to 2013 The Year Street Outlaws First Began! Daddy Dave, Doc, Derek and Monza go for a Cruise!

With each and every day that we grow older, we log more memories to look back on in the future and this will really allow you to recognize how far you’ve come. Just remember that while you’re in the moment, each step that you take will be one that you will end up appreciating in the future. Whether it’s for positive or comical value to the future version of yourself is yet to be determined.

This time, we check out a throwback from the guys over at Big Rob Entertainment that showcases a clip from 2013 as a couple of the guys of Street Outlaws go for a cruise. It might not have seemed like it at the time but this stage of life for them definitely seems like a crucial stepping stone to leap to the next stage of racing competition.

There isn’t really much excitement or adrenaline in this one but we invite you to ride along anyway down in the video below because this nostalgic trip really is a lot of fun to watch as Daddy Dave, Doc, Derek, and Monza all go for a little ride.

Just imagine how much nostalgic value this video will bring about 20 or even 30 years from now! It’s hard to even imagine where everyone will be at that point. We’ll be looking at videos of today that show the same sort of stepping stones that these older videos present now. – bigrob entertainment


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