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Street Outlaws “The 55” vs “Menace” Nitrous Camaro at the Ozark No Prep Meltdown

Chuck Parker and his beautiful 1955 Chevrolet have made quite a name for themselves in the world of no prep racing, and if you watch closely this video shares a little bit of Parker’s secret recipe for getting it done on these unprepped track surfaces.

“The 55”, as it is known to most, is lined up alongside this great looking Camaro, appropriately named “The Menace” at Ozark Raceway Park’s No Prep Meltdown event. After both cars lay down their burnouts – and if you listen you can tell just how slick the track is, as the tires never try to “bite” during the burnouts – and back up to the line, they begin the staging process. Both cars pull up to within a few inches of the starting line, then the flagger takes over, pulling them up to the line carefully to make sure neither car has an appreciable advantage over the other.

Once the cars are on the line, he steps back and pops on the flashlight, signaling the drivers to drop the hammer. Both cars leave hard, but The Menace has to pedal pretty early in the run after losing traction right off the line. The driver gets back in the throttle and made a good run at Parker, but wasn’t able to reel him in on the top end. In the other lane, Chuck was also fighting traction issues as well, but if you listen closely, especially when the view cuts to the GoPro mounted on The 55, you can hear Chuck masterfully working the throttle pedal, pulling his foot out just enough to kill the tirespin and keep the car planted but it doesn’t sound like he has to lift completely out of the the gas. From the starting line view, you can see The 55’s nitrous flames popping off and on, a sure sign that Chuck is pulling his foot out just enough to cut the nitrous, which effectively kills about half the car’s horsepower and lets the tires hook up. Then he can go back to wide open and see if it will hold everything with the nitrous kicked back on. All of this in a matter of milliseconds, and that is why this car – and driver – are so hard to beat!