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Street Outlaws “The 55” VS Swamp Thing -Plan B – Birdman 25K Big Tire Champ!

When it comes to dominating a no prep event, the road can be pretty treacherous as you really never know what’s going to happen out there. Even if you have the fastest car on a normal drag strip, that has no bearing in the Wild West of the racing surface that isn’t helping anybody.

This time, the guys over at NXGonzo Video had their cameras rolling so that we could watch some of the action at Bounty Hunters 2 that has “The 55” going head-to-head with a host of cars that we know to be certifiably the fastest in town and it just seems like the old school Chevrolet has it together more than anyone else on this day to go home with the well-earned title of “Champ.”

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Video credit – NXGonzo Video

The battle is on for $25,000 as this shiny red machine goes head-to-head with the like of impressive rides in Swamp Thing, Plan B, and Birdman as the car stomps forward, making its presence felt as it goes rounds against these machines that hold quite the reputation in the community.

Check out all of the action for yourself down in the video below that has all eyes peeled and ready to watch these amazing machines do battle. It’s really intense to watch as both car and driver have to be on their very best game to overcome some competition like this.