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Street Outlaws “The Sonoma” is now officially Procharged

If you have been keeping an eye on Street Outlaws since the beginning, you’d know that the GMC Sonoma, affectionately referred to as “The Sonoma” has gone up against its fair share of abuse on the way to the top.

This time, we get a good look at the truck as it has experienced a little bit of an overhaul by the means of new forced induction which is always fun.

With a new ProCharger in place, the mini truck lights up the candles and spits out a hiss that is very indicative of the centrifugal supercharger setup.

When the truck rockets off of the line, it really begins to scream as it powers its way straight on through to the finish line in style.

It will be really interesting to see how this setup does with the competition when we see more of the Sonoma in action on the track and in the streets.

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