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Street Outlaws Throwback Moredoor Nova Farmtruck & Azn Prank

When it comes to a prank war, it’s interesting to watch things unfold as one person goes above and beyond to try and top the last prank in the series of foolery. This time, we check out a little throwback on Street Outlaws that revolves around a couple of pranks.

When Chief and Shawn created a knockoff Farmtruck, you knew that Farmtruck and AZN were going to come back strong with their prank game when they decided to create a knockoff Murder Nova. The result of their efforts is nothing short of hilarious.

For starters, the guys came up with a four-door Nova and when we say that it’s all downhill from there, we mean it in the best way possible. We can’t help but be hooked on these antics.

Check out the video below that will take you along for the ride as these two go above and beyond to pull off a prank that will have you entertained. What do you think of the “Mordoor Nova” when it comes out to the streets to do some damage?