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No Prep Kings Season 4 Schedule. The Street Outlaws Are Coming To A Track Near You In 2020!

No Prep Kings Season 4 Schedule. Watch Your Favorite Street Outlaws Race LIVE At A Track Near You In 2020!

The Street Outlaws franchise has quickly become one of the biggest brands in racing today. It might be the original cast of Oklahoma City-based street racers who started this show way back in 2013. Maybe it’s the bunch from New Orleans headed by Kye Kelley. Perhaps, fans even gravitate toward the team that came to challenge both of them with their toughest races to date. Team Texas!

Last season Kye Kelley and Girlfriend, Lizzy Musi, made it well known they weren’t scared of any boosted combination. Whether opponents had a giant single turbo, twins, or a blower they were coming for battle. The duo succeeded in winning multiple events. They didn’t win the championship but they did manage to prove that nitrous combinations can still hang with anyone.

Ryan Martin finally got his much-awaited championship win. This would come after losing it the previous two seasons on the last race to Birdman and Mike Murillo, respectively. Both cars were twin turbo Texas machines at the time of their wins.

In a massive twist, Big Chief made his much-awaited No Prep Kings debut. This was something that not many saw coming. After all, Chief had been been pretty stern about his love of the streets. He reinforced that no prep racing wasn’t really his thing. We all have changes of heart from time to time and it turns out that Chief was no different. He didn’t disappoint, either! Chief won the event in Bandimere and took home the $40,000. Guess that’s not a bad welcoming party.

Let’s not forget the drama that ensued throughout the show as well. Season 3 was a doozy! We had seen fights between Boosted GT and Chuck Seitsinger kicking off the season. Mid-season veteran racer Larry Larson even felt like Bobby Ducote cheated by guessing the light and decided to try and beat Bobby up (It didn’t work in his favor). All of this was happening while fierce rivalries were unfolding between the walls as well. Sometimes, stirring the pot makes things more interesting for everyone!

The upcoming season should be even more interesting as Mike Murillo has teased a new ride, Big Chief has been doing some serious updates to his chassis, and Ryan Martin debuted an entirely new car at the PRI show in December. The sprinkles on top come with new names and cars we haven’t yet seen be announced!

Buckle up and get ready because it’s going to get intense!