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Where’s Shane now? Behind the Scenes With Shane, Bob, and the NEW Blackbird Vega! (BONUS: Story of Bob)

For those unfamiliar with Shane and the Blackbird Vega, well, we’re not sure how you ended up here. Anyway, now that you’re here, it’s about time that you meet Bob. Years ago, when Shane was looking for a copilot, it turned out that he found the perfect candidate. This copilot doesn’t have very many negative things to say and is a very good listener. As a mannequin, it’s kind of his nature. As such, Bob was born.

All jokes aside, for anyone who has tuned into an episode of Street Outlaws, they’ve probably wondered where Bob comes from. After all, Shane carries around the top half of the mannequin in his car pretty much every time that he races. Bob has probably seen more speed than the vast majority of people on earth ever will. With that speed, we find some crashes and scary situations as Bob has really been through some hectic races. Through thick and thin, Bob has always been by Shane’s side.

Where did Bob come from?

Bob’s origins are actually rather unique. It turns out that Shane somehow ended up at a clothing store having an auction. When he spotted Bob, he couldn’t help but place a bid. The original idea for the mannequin was to help scare people in the shop. I guess that the piece was enticing enough to become a fixture for practical jokes. However, instead of simply acting as a tool of the prank trade, Bob had become a fixture in another way. In fact, basically anyone who is familiar with Shane’s racing machine also known as Bob as well.

By following along with the Stapleton42 video below, we get to catch up with the full story of Bob. In addition, we get to hang out in the garage a little bit with Shane and the blackbird. If you watch closely, you might even get a couple of updates on the Vega.