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Stuck Ford Explorer Driver Sets Field On Fire, Engulfs Entire Car In Flames

Ford SUV is No Match for a Patch of Grass

There are plenty of ways to take a day that’s going perfectly fine and turn it in a bad direction. For most folks, it’s probably not something that they are out there trying to do. However, every once in a while, it’s really hard to prevent a day from taking a drastic dip. Some days, one wakes up with a vehicle and by the end of the day, it’s a pile of ashes. It might not be the most ideal or likely way to spend a day. Someone has to be behind these stories, though! This is why insurance exists!

In this particular situation, it’s kind of difficult to figure out how everything escalated to the point that it did. What we can say, though, is at the beginning of the video, we see a Ford Explorer that’s nice and stuck. It’s probably due to the incredibly dry nature of the terrain that it sits on. It looks like everything is a little bit slicker since it’s incredibly dry out.

However, we had no idea that this sticky situation would culminate to such a climax! Eventually, the entire field ended up catching on fire and the Explorer would go up with it. It certainly doesn’t strike us as a situation where somebody put the Explorer out of its misery on purpose but also really wouldn’t surprise us.

If I were to take a crack at figuring out exactly what had happened here to have this Explorer going home nice and blackened, it would go as follows. With lots of exhaust pipe and the constant throttling that goes into trying to get a vehicle unstuck, it’s not hard to see how things might get a little hot. This heat could easily trigger a fire and spread like we see here.

As the vehicle is stuck, once the fire gets going, there’s no turning back. The bystanders are left to watch as the SUV is completely engulfed by flames.  On the other hand, because there’s no official story here, the source of the fire could’ve been just about anything. The inner conspiracy theorist in all of us might think it’s some sort of insurance scheme. Hopefully, us giving the person here the benefit of the doubt is accurate and somebody was just down on their luck to be saved by their insurance.