Stunt Rider’s Bike Escapes, Rides Upright On Its Own As Rider Gives Chase

When you dig into the realm of stunt riding, experience is definitely something that ...

When you dig into the realm of stunt riding, experience is definitely something that you’re going to want to have in your pocket. Obviously, the only way to get said experience is to mess up a couple of times and learn from those mistakes but once you get there, being able to say that you’ve been through situations will allow you to make decisions that will be better not only for your personal health but also the health of your equipment. However, that isn’t to say that more experienced riders won’t make a blunder here and there, either, as anything could really happen at any time and it might just be one of the things that makes stunt riding so interesting to watch.

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In this one, we manage to drop in on a situation that might have started out pretty well but after a while, the stunt rider in question ends up finding himself in a little bit of a blooper reel of sorts. Now, we’re sure that he probably had a pretty cool stunt planned out in his head, however, when it would come through to reality, things might not have exactly panned out in the exact way that the rider had pictured them. However, this one definitely makes for a good laugh as these guys are probably going to remember this one for years to come as things just keep on getting wackier and wilder with every second that passes.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to watch as the motorcycle pictured here, clad with studded ice tires in order to be able to handle the terrain at hand, ends up running away from this rider instead of simply falling down and things escalate to a level where it just keeps on going and we didn’t think that it was ever going to stop.

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