Stunting Biker Crashes Right In Front Of Scurity Gaurd… Embarrassing!

This didn’t go as planned at all for this stunt rider, but at least he owned his ...

This didn’t go as planned at all for this stunt rider, but at least he owned his screw up and didn’t try to play it off like nothing happened. The rider, cruising with a group of fellow stunters riding around downtown Kansas City, Missouri when the guy who is carrying the camera peels off and decides to do his own thing for a few moments.

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Hopping the curb up onto the sidewalk, our camera guy spots a series of columns and decides to do a wheelie around one of them. He kicks the front end in the air and begins to ease around the massive column in a slow, shaky wheelstand. He makes it almost all the way around the column when he loses his balance and tips forward, slinging himself over the handlebars and unceremoniously onto the ground. We can’t help but laugh at the sound the guy makes as the bike begins to tip forward, an involuntary grunt that forced its way out as the rider fought to keep the front end in the air.

The rider scrambles to his feet and pulls the bike back onto its wheels, hopping back onto the bike and starting off to rejoin the group. On his way out, a security golf cart pulls up, but instead of stopping to chat, the rider quickly apologizes and heads back out to the street, where he hops off the curb and offers a brief, but candid commentary about the incident.

We have to assuming him being off the road on his bike, riding around what appears to be some kind of monument, so we don’t really blame the guy for eluding the security officer and getting back out onto the road where he belongs. There’s some more riding to watch if you let the video play, but nothing else quite as entertaining as the first few moments that include the fall and subsequent escape from the security staff.

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