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Stuntmen React to Hollywood Stunt Driving – Some of These Scenes are Hilarious

Diehard car fanatics might have a couple of things to say when it comes to automotive movies. There are definitely times in some films where creatives might take a little bit of a creative liberty or two. With that, their aim is to be able to entertain a general audience. However, sometimes, it might mean stretching the truth just a little bit to end with a scene that’s fun to watch. Having the perfect balance of this is a huge part of making a good car movie. Take it too far and you’ll lose the viewers who begin to see that it’s a bunch of nonsense. Don’t sprinkle in any magic, though, and the movie will likely become boring.

This time, thanks to Corridor Crew, as joined by YouTuber, ThatDudeinBlue, we get to dig into some of these movies. Some of the driving in our favorite car movies is more realistic than in others. There are definitely scenes that are very unbelievable to those who actually know the technical background of what exactly is going on.

This time, basically, the idea is to dig into some of these movies and really give them a hardcore looking at. While some of the liberties taken by the creative types in the movies are very believable. Other times, it just loses us. It almost gets so bad to the point where a scene that was intended to be very serious can end up becoming a sort of joke. For example, the first race in the original Fast and Furious movie has become a little bit of a meme at this point.

By following along with the video below, we get to relive some of the most iconic scenes in automotive cinema through a different lens. After checking out this one, those who have never noticed these things might never see their favorite movie in the same way again!