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Stupid S*** Ricers Say!

Stupid S*** Ricers Say!

We all know that guy who likes to modify his car…a lot, but really has no idea what he’s doing. However, that doesn’t stop him from acting like he does.

“That guy” is known traditionally as a ricer and will stop at nothing to embarrass himself, no matter what forum he finds himself in. The scariest part is that this guy could be driving just about anything.

This time, thanks to a Mitsubishi Lancer owner, we are given as satirical look at how a ricer can sometimes tend to think and it’s pretty spot on! We’ve definitely heard people speak like this about their cars before.

Check out the video below that takes us inside of the mind of a ricer. What do you think of this video? Is this a pretty accurate outlook on how this group acts?

The video below will give you the rundown of typical things that muscle car guys say!