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Subaru Owners Take On a Blizzard… AWD For The Win!

When it comes time to get around in the snow, there are really two types of vehicles that most of us turn to: pickup truck and all-wheel drive cars. While you can certainly drive in the snow in a two-wheel drive car, having all four pulling helps considerably. Among the AWD rides, it seems Subaru really has the most loyal following and one of the better systems for driving in the slippery stuff.

YouTuber matty wots decided to head out in the snow in his WRX for a little post-snowstorm shenanigans with a few buddies, planning for a little drifting and snowboard towing, among other things. But first, as with most any car that’s any fun to drive, they have to make a stop at the gas station to fill up for the day’s festivities. From there, they do a little spirited driving that results in Matt’s buddy Austin plowing his Subie into Matt’s front yard where the snow and soggy ground was a little too much for even the excellent Subaru AWD to handle.

Matt backs his yellow WRX up and straps to Austin’s blue Subie to try to pull him out, only to have the strap break and smack the trunk of Austin’s ride. As a quick side note, even though it wasn’t exactly a heavy duty strap, it says a lot about Subaru’s all wheel drive system that it hooked enough in the snow to break the strap.

After a little creativity with a shovel and some back-and-forth, Austin finally frees himself and the adventures can continue. The next stop on the list is a huge vacant parking lot for some drifting and general goofing off, where Matt finds himself lodged in a snowbank that renders his car stuck, but the AWD system comes through clutch again and manages to extract him from the seemingly impossible predicament.

After that, Matt and Austin decide to call it a day, but judging by the amount of snow on the ground, something tells me the fun picked right back up the next day. Perhaps we’ll see that in another episode of Matt’s vlog!