Suction Cup Car Umbrella Comes in Clutch to Protect from the Elements

If you’ve ever been in possession of a car that you care about and have come ...

If you’ve ever been in possession of a car that you care about and have come across some elements that might not be so friendly and potentially damaging to the vehicle, there probably has been a thought in your head at some point in time that had you wishing that there was a way that you could protect your set of wheels without a garage in sight. There are ways to keep your car safe but outside of a garage, there aren’t too many that will offer you instant protection that’ll keep any sort of foreign object are ever touching the surface of your ride.

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This time, we take a look at one of these methods of auto protection that a little bit obscure but definitely seems like an invention that could work to protect your vehicle from UV rays and potentially even substances like sleet and hail that can really tear into the finish. By simply yanking the contraption out and slapping a suction cup on your roof, the umbrella will unfold at the touch of a button, spanning the entire surface of the top of your vehicle and sheltering it from whatever it is that you think it needs to be sheltered from. Whether or not it’s the most practical thing in the world is up for debate but it certainly is a good thought.

After checking out the video below that should show off this invention it in its entirety, be sure to tell us what you think of this massive umbrella that may just give your ride little bit of a break from the elements. Do you think that going through the process it takes to hook something like this up is worth it? At a $260 price point, do you see yourself reaching into your wallet to buy something like this?

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