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Super Fan Recreates Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine in Great Detail

When it comes to celebrating your fandom of certain franchises, it can be done on different levels. Personally, I have really gone down the rabbit hole once or twice, looking into some of my favorite actors and actresses after finishing off a TV series by checking out interviews or maybe trying to see what other kinds of media they’re involved in. Heck, along with many others, I might even be guilty of collecting memorabilia here and there. Among all of those methods of showing how big of a fan you are for a certain series, people can get pretty serious about the memorabilia that they collect, even if that means going to great lengths in order to produce it on your own.

This time, we check out something that is incredibly cool to take a look at and I think will take a great number of folks right on back to their childhood as something that we were used to seeing in cartoons all the time as a staple, almost the main character of one of the most popular cartoons, Scooby-Doo. That’s right, the Mystery Machine comes to life as a creator decided that he wanted to take something off of the animated screen and bring it into the physical world as a vehicle.

While it’s not even technically real, the Mystery Machine might be one of the most recognizable vans of all time and even though it might seem like a pretty basic van, it actually turns out that transforming a real-life Dodge into a replica of the van is a lot easier said than done. In fact, the creator says that he has a pretty tall stack of receipts that went into purchasing all of the parts necessary to create the piece and that was even before he put his own touch of labor into the mix. He won’t say how much he spent on it in fear of his wife catching the program and asking even more questions. However, it seems like there is really no price that you can put on nostalgia that is this sweet.

We encourage you to check out the Ridiculous Rides feature down below that takes you inside and out with this van, showing you just how much attention was paid to detail in bringing this cartoon favorite to life.