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“Super Fog” to Blame in Deadly 158-Car Pile-Up in Louisiana

In a scene reminiscent of a horror movie, Louisiana is grappling with a phenomenon known as a “super fog,” a consequence of smoldering undergrowth mixing with cooler air and water vapor, as reported by The Telegraph. The outcome is not just a mildly foggy day but a dense fog so thick that visibility is reduced to an alarming minimum, making it nearly impossible to see mere feet ahead. When encountering such a situation, one might feel a sense of eeriness as it becomes tough to see something that’s an arm’s length away in some conditions.

This hazardous condition was starkly evident on I-55 in New Orleans in a late October incident that captured the attention of the nation.

The intense fog contributed to a massive pile-up involving 158 cars on the highway and even saw a fire break out that set a number of vehicles ablaze. It seems as if even vehicles moving at a slow pace struggled to avoid incident as the fog was so thick that it made driving nearly impossible. While some vehicles sustained only minor damages, others appear to be completely totaled, having been struck from various angles.

Reports reveal that at least 25 individuals have been transported to the hospital as a consequence of the pile-up, with their current conditions remaining unknown. As of Tuesday afternoon, the death toll was reported to have stood at seven following the late October incident.

Navigating through such poor visibility conditions can be exceptionally challenging and drivers are always advised to exercise caution when the weather becomes an obstacle. It is advised that drivers exercise their best judgment in determining whether it’s safe to drive or not. Despite the advancements in car safety technology that aid drivers in inclement weather, facing a super fog of this magnitude might warrant complete avoidance for the sake of safety.