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Super Rare General Lee Movie Car is the Only One of its Kind

In the history of cinema, there have been certain cars that really seem to come to life. These cars transcend their roles as props and nearly parallel the actors and actresses themselves. Depending on the car, they might even be remembered more prominently than those who acted in a film. The perfect example of this might just be General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard. The orange-clad Dodge Charger might not only be the most recognizable vehicle in Hollywood but perhaps in the world!

With this adventure from Autotopia LA, we take a peek inside of what might just be one of the most impressive remaining examples of the General that’s still in existence. The car isn’t perfect in condition, but then again that almost makes it even better! It’s not a replica, recreation, or clone but instead is one of 17 surviving General Lees actually used in the TV show. With over 300 examples originally, most of them were destroyed in filming. After all, going airborne has a way of being tough on a car. That makes it even more impressive that one of these things made it.

This car, instead, is fitted with a 440 big block as a true R/T. Therefore, unlike most of its clones, this version of General Lee never saw any airborne action. Instead, it was used more for other sorts of driving scenes. This might’ve included something like burnout or a high-speed chase.

By following along with the video below, we hear a strong argument as to why this last “true” R/T from the show might be the most important of the group. While some of the cars have been restored, there is still a whole lot of original that goes with this one. It looks almost like the Duke boys just got done driving it!


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