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This Super Yacht Creates its Own Hydrogen For Fuel as it Sails

In this day and age, it seems as if one of the technology’s primary concerns is figuring out alternative energy sources. There are plenty of reasons for this and we’re sure you’re not in the mood for a lecture. Anyone who is not living beneath a rock has read about the push toward things like electric energy.

However, what we do like to get into and break down is how exactly this situation is approached. Creativity really comes into play as different folks try to get to the bottom of making energy cheaper and cleaner. It seems like we’re at a very pivotal moment where the main source of energy could go in one direction or another.

This time, we check out a vessel that is trying something new. While it might not be the most efficient source of energy in the world, everything has to start somewhere, right?

Energy Observer- Energy Master Craft

The vessel that goes by the name of “Energy Observer” is an autonomous hydrogen boat. The vessel once used to be a racing catamaran. The now-retired boat uses a combination of solar, wind, and wave generated power to move along on its journey. The idea was concocted when a boater realized that having to always rely on a generator might not exactly be the best option. A generator does have its own pitfalls and may leave a boater stranded under the wrong circumstances.

The main draw of the boat is that it attempts to make power out of hydrogen. As it’s explained to us, the vessel essentially breaks down seawater into hydrogen and oxygen which is then used as fuel. When combined with the other previously mentioned forms of renewable energy, the vessel seems rather independent. Gliding through the water, this thing is basically one massive multi-faceted energy farm.

The overarching idea seems to be demonstrating the utility of hydrogen. It will not only be used as power but might help solve some environmental problems as well.

By following along with the video from Wonder World below, we’re able to take a deeper dive into the process.