Supercharged 2018 F-150 “Shop Truck” Promises to be a Hellcat Killer

While it’s becoming more common, the concept of building a pickup truck to go ...

While it’s becoming more common, the concept of building a pickup truck to go fast seems a little bit absurd. After all, with plenty of platforms that are designed to go fast from the factory, a little bit of modification will have them absolutely ripping. However, modifying a truck seems to go off of the beaten path a bit. As Zack Klapman, our host this time puts it, it’s like making something “shaped like Spongebob” go fast. He’s not wrong. Trucks certainly don’t give off that “speed demon” vibe. If you can get over the appearance, though, we find some strong components underneath.

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At the end of the day, there seems to be a variety of factors as to why enthusiasts make the best of these platforms. Perhaps the most prominent is the idea that they’re unsuspecting. In addition, a truck retains some sort of functionality that a muscle car will never be able to have. For most street trucks like this particular Ford F-150, that bed is still in play!

This time, we dig into a 2018 F-150 sport. This thing is fitted with the 5.0L v8 from the factory. When paired with a customized Vortech supercharger kit featuring a YSi head unit, things get a little dicey. At 18 psi, the truck is able to see 770 horsepower at the rear tires on e85. In turn, it still seems to be using a whole wide variety of factory components. This truck isn’t all that far of a cry from what we see coming off of the assembly line.

By following along with the video below, we get to catch up with a “One Take” video as the truck is pushed through the mountains. While it might not necessarily be the most common package, seeing a truck like this really makes our hair stand on edge. Triple Threat Racing

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