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This Supercharged Chevrolet C10 Truck Sounds Brutal

If you have ever dabbled in the world of the truck modification, you know that the people who play in this area are all about making their trucks rolling pieces of art, some of which have some go to back up the show that’s presented when you see them rolling around.

This time, the truck in question is an old school Chevrolet C10 that has been modified in every way, shape, and form that you could imagine and the result happens to be nothing short of jaw dropping, just as the license plate on the front of the truck suggests.

Not only is this set of wheels super clean with its screaming orange paint job, but it also Is fitted with a centrifugal supercharger kit that absolutely screams when the truck is fired up and sounds even better when the driver lays into the throttle to give this thing some power.

Check out the video down below that showcases this monster of a machine, sounding mighty nasty all while sitting in one place. Just imagine what it’s like when this truck gets out of the highway and the driver lays into it and unleashes all that it has to offer.

Cruising in my slammed Chevrolet C10 – JWDRPR.


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