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Supercharged GT86 vs Toyota GT86 TRD: Which Should You Buy?

The Toyota GT86 is a petrolhead’s idea of automotive heaven. It is a small sports coupe with rear wheel drive and a light 2,758 pound curb weight.  But that’s not to say that tuning companies can’t make it even better. Driver, Alex finds out just how good the GT86 really gets.  For those unaware, the Toyota GT86 is sold as the Scion FR-S here in the United States, with it’s twin counterpart the Subaru BRZ.

Toyota GT86 (9)

In this video review we take the TRD GT86 and pair it against the HKS Supercharged Gt86.  With both cars costing about the same price to purchase, which one comes out ahead?  The TRD GT86 gets improvements in the way of larger wheels, bigger brakes, free flowing exhaust, front and rear splitters for areodynamics, but no engine modifications.  This leaves the Toyota GT86 at 197 horsepower and 151 ft/lbs of torque.


The HKS superchared GT86 adds, bigger rubber, exhaust and of course a supercharger.  These improvements bring the horsepower up to 273 and raise the torque to 215 ft/lbs.  A vast improvement over the standard horsepower and torque numbers. This improvement gives the HKS GT86 a 0 – 60 run of 5.5 seconds vs. the TRD of 7.4 seconds.

If it were our choice for the money, we say we’ll take the HKS version.  Make sure to check out what others are saying about this and other great cars at the Speed Society Facebook page.  Comment and share your thoughts.


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