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Supercharged Police Pursuit Vehicle Hits the Dyno and Throws Flames!

When it comes to building a car, there are so many different platforms to choose from. A big part of what makes this world so exciting is all of the different combinations that we see come to life. Sometimes, they are incredibly likely combos. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a well built Chevrolet Corvette or something like a Ford Mustang. On the other hand, though, sometimes, we find combinations that are less expected.

Perhaps, one of the most interesting transformations is seeing what somebody can do with a police vehicle.

Once police vehicles are retired from the fleet, eventually, they’re auctioned off in order to recoup their remaining value. That means that pretty much anybody with enough money can get their hands on one. The wild thing is that a lot of these rides, as they are LS-based, have massive potential.

This time, we check in with the Fasterproms YouTube channel to check out one of Jeremy Formato’s latest projects. The current apple of his eye happens to be an old Caprice police pursuit vehicle. While the car did originally have the LS architecture, it looks like Formato has changed around just about everything.

We’re sure that it helped out a little bit that the groundwork was laid to make everything fit nice and easy. However, there was substantial work done in order to get this thing clicking with 427 cubin inches of power from Texas Speed and Performance. To make things even more interesting, a GM LSA blower was thrown in the mix as well.

By following along with the video below, we drop in on a couple of shenanigans along with some serious dyno time. Long story short here is that this mean machine has to be in the running for the coolest police cars to ever exist.


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