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Supercharged-Turbo Freightliner Semi Truck Rips Up Pike’s Peak

When talking about the most challenging obstacles within the road racing community, many looked to Pikes Peak as the pinnacle. The course offers a variety of different twists and turns to really put the driver through their paces. In addition, there are sections that have incredible danger lurking over the horizon for those who aren’t careful. For someone who wants to push it too hard, they can expect to look death right in the face. It’s an area where a driver wants to be confident in their abilities. They also don’t want to be too confident and add too much throttle in the mix. Pike’s Peak is certainly to be taken seriously.

Generally, when we see vehicles taking on this racing surface, they’re built to be able to handle turns incredibly well. From all sorts of different purpose-built cars to maybe the occasional streetcar, we get a little bit of a variety. However, with a competitor like the one that we see here, it’s something that might catch most off-guard. After all, to the common spectator, something like a semi truck has only been seen in one context. The vast majority of people probably have no idea that these things are being pushed like this.

Down in video below, though, we check out a specially built Freightliner that is designed to take on just this kind of challenge. One look at this thing and even the most casual of observers would be able to tell that it’s just a little bit beyond what one would expect to see on the streets. The truck has been both supercharged and turbocharged in order to stretch every last bit of power out of that engine. Watching it rip up pikes peak like it belongs there is something that really might take a moment to be able to truly grasp. It’s really something that the brain needs to process for a minute.


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