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“Superchargers are Better than Turbos” Says Experienced Internet Mechanic, Scotty Kilmer

When building a car, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, even when it comes to things like performance modifications. Just because one person might have success with a certain type of modification doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be that way across the board as others might see benefits in other types of modifications. No matter which is your favorite, it’s not hard to admit that each one has its benefits and definitely has its drawbacks as well. Otherwise, wouldn’t everybody select to go for the same exact thing?

In this one, we join in with internet mechanic, Scotty Kilmer as he makes his case for the supercharger being better than the turbo when it comes to boosting your ride. Now, I know that a lot of people are probably going to disagree with the sentiment but he does definitely have some good points. While the superchargers might have their inefficiencies in certain situations, when it comes to somebody who’s looking to just have a fast car overall, maybe somebody who is into a certain kind of racing, a supercharger can be great. In fact, there is an argument across the board that certain types of superchargers might be the best option in terms of not only efficiency but also cost efficiency and simplicity.

If you’re interested in hearing what Scotty’s argument is here, you can check into the video below that spills the beans on exactly what he’s thinking with something like this. After checking out this side of the debate, be sure to chime in with what you think here. We get a feeling that lots of turbo and nitrous fans aren’t going to be in agreement with this one completely. If the topic of discussion is power adders, what do you think is the most popular route to going fast?