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Supra Powered SUV Lifts the Front Wheels Off the Ground

Sometimes, looks can really be deceiving. In this particular case, on the surface, we have what looks like a typical Toyota 4Runner that has seen better days. The paint is faded. Some pieces of trim are missing. The truck is absolutely littered with dents and scratches. However, the beauty in this ride isn’t what it looks like on the outside. Instead, what’s under the hood is what ends up surprising most people who come in contact with it.

In the scheme of things, a 4Runner isn’t exactly what we would expect to see killing it on the drag strip. In fact, from the factory, we will be rather surprised to see a truck like this break into the 15-second range. However, when combining it with a power source from a Toyota Supra, that equation changes up just a little bit.

For this particular Drag Week 2019 participant, that was exactly what was on the table. Instead of any sort of traditional powerplant, the SUV is powered by a Toyota 1JZ engine. When combined with a turbocharger and other supporting modifications like injectors, let’s just say that the truck wakes up a little bit. When all is said and done, the time on the clock amounts to the best pass that goes so far as breaking into the 10s in a quarter-mile.

To make things even more interesting, the truck drives around on off-road tires on the street. Over the course of Drag Week, in fact, the machine logged several hundred miles on these knobby tires in between tracks. There’s nothing like a machine that can hit the streets with ease but also manage to make its way down a drag strip as well. If you want to talk about the best of both worlds, it really seems like this particular Toyota simply gets the job done. – BigKleib34