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Surfing Photographer Boat CLOBBERED by Incoming Wave (That Had to Hurt!)

No matter if it’s on the drag strip or in the middle of the ocean, getting the perfect shot is something that photographers will really go to great lengths to accomplish. Sometimes, this means getting right up against the track and next to a roaring race car that’s making thousands of horsepower that could end up veering off of the track at any second. Other times, this means getting right into the thick of things in the waves.

Have you ever wondered how somebody who has a line of work like photographing surfers gets up close and personal to really get that great shot? We’re not exactly sure how everybody does it but in this case, we find a variety of folks who have made their way out on boats in order to get as close to the action as possible.

As one might imagine, getting into the waves with a boat in order to get that perfect angle might not exactly be all that safe. Safety or not, though, these photographers thrust themselves into the thick of things in order to get that front row view. When it all comes together, the perfect shot has the feeling of being more than worth it, whether or not they end up getting crushed or not.

Down in the video below, we check in with one incredibly close call that had some photographers on a boat in a little bit of pain. As the variety of boats have a front row view here, they seem to adjust themselves depending on where the wave looks like it’s going to break. A wrong judgment call, though, will have one of these vessels in the breakers and looking like it’s going to flip over. Luckily, the boat does stay upright but it goes about as vertical as it can possibly go before slamming down in the water and probably leaving a couple of bumps and bruises along the way.


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