Surprise! Your Driving Test is in a Porsche 911!

Surprise! Your Driving Test is in a Porsche 911!click the image below and get entered ...

Surprise! Your Driving Test is in a Porsche 911!

click the image below and get entered today!
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We all remember what car is was that we learned to drive in, personally, your author remembers the fresh smell of the leather seats in a Pontiac Grand Prix as the first thing I got behind the wheel of.

Now, for a second, imagine that you didn’t learn to drive on something average, but instead showed up at your driving test to find that you’d be wheeling a high dollar and high power exotic.

That was exactly the case for these unsuspecting students when they expected to show up and drive an economy box, but instead would end up behind the wheel of a Porsche 911.

Check out the video below that shows how they would handle the powerful ride. Some of them were a lot better than others, but all in all, this one was filled with its fair share of cringe!

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