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SUV Driver Takes Road Rage Out On Biker After Cutting Him Off

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on March 23, 2020

SUV Driver Takes Road Rage Out On Biker After Cutting Him Off

If we observe some of those around us, it can be rather strange to see what people take pride in.

For example, there are lots of people every day who take an unnecessary amount of pride in being right. Even if the situation is pointless, many will double down. We’re willing to bet that most can think of a few friends who fit this description.

When it comes to situations on the open road, does it really matter who’s right if everybody is safe? Let’s be honest, nobody is a perfect driver. Every once in a while, we’re going to find ourselves in situations where someone’s not happy with our wheel skills. Trying to take it out on the other person in the heat of the moment is probably not a great idea. Let’s just say that unnecessary pride can quickly turn into a really bad situation.

In this one, we catch up with a couple of road-goers who put themselves in an awkward spot. From the video footage that we see here, we watch as a driver cuts off a motorcycle rider. In a matter of moments, the situation escalates as the motorcycle rider revs his engine at the driver.

It seems like the driver isn’t willing to just let it slide, either. Before we know it, these two are in a physical confrontation that has adrenaline flowing. We wouldn’t be shocked to hear if these guys had elevated blood pressure after this one as well.

By following along with the video below, we check out a completely avoidable situation. We’re not sure that either one of these individuals was really in the “right.”

If we were to make a recommendation with a situation like this, it would be to avoid it at all costs. Sure, nobody wants to be wrong. However, just letting some stranger on the road think that they “won” in a spot like this will make you the real winner.

We never know what somebody else is capable of in a spot like this, either.


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