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Swamp Buggy Racing Naples Florida Sports Park Mud Motorsports

I remember watching swamp buggy racing on Sunday mornings when I was a kid. There was a show that came on every week that always featured some kind of motorsport, whether it be drag racing, tractor pulls, these insane looking machines, or some other kind of speed-related competition.

Whether you’ve watched them all your life or are seeing them for the first time, there’s no denying this looks like it would be a lot of fun to at least try once. I have no idea what kind of power plants these things run as they charge around the circular lake, slinging water high into the air behind them as they jockey for that ever-important inside line.

The front wheels look like pizza cutters, standing several feet hight, while the rear wheels are more like skinny paddle boat wheels, digging through the water and churning up a huge wake that has to be disruptive to the guy in second place. That makes the holeshot a vital part of the race for both competitors, and you can see them digging as hard as they can for position when the green light drops to start the race.

If you’ve ever tried walking through the water – and let’s be real, who hasn’t tried walking through the water at some point – you know the deeper it gets, the harder it becomes to move with any real speed. However, these racers are shaped perfectly for splitting the water and sliding through it at pretty high speeds, despite the fact that it seems to be quite deep in places.

Every few races, they stop the swamp buggies and bring out some jeeps to give the crowd a little something different. Seeing these regular sized rides creeping through the water that the swamp buggies were just flying through really helps put into perspective how powerful and fast these things really are.