Sweet 16: The Richest Payout in Heads Up Racing – $101,000 to Win March 23-24!

March 22-24th the best of the best and the baddest of the bad on small tires will ...

March 22-24th the best of the best and the baddest of the bad on small tires will converge at South Georgia Motorsports Park, in Valdosta, Georgia to race for the richest prize in heads-up drag racing, $101,000 to win in the balls-to-the-wall Radial VS the World Class. A race like this could only be put together by the eccentric promoter Donald “Duck” Long, and his Duck-X Productions staff.

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The Sweet 16 has not only caught the eye of the biggest names in radial tire racing. Guys like Dewayne Mills with his famous Camaro known as “The Golden Gorilla”, Mark Woodruff and Jason Carter with “Woody’s” twin turbo C6 ZR1, and Carters wild boosted Malibu, Marty Stinnett in his Foxbody with a twin turbo small block, Daniel Pharris piloting Andrew Alepa’s C7 Corvette, the wild one himself, Pro Nitrous racer Keith Haney with “Enigma”, and of course Lights Out 9 Champion, NHRA pro mod racer, and the biggest trash talker in the game, Stevie “Fast” Jackson. There’s also a newcomer to radial racing, Speed Society’s own Alex Laughlin, who will be bringing his Screw Blown Hemi-powered C6 Corvette. Amongst many others. The list of competitors will be stout!

Now Here comes the plot twist: Donald has decided to not do things how he does his famous Lights Out and No Mercy races, where he is known for packing the stands to capacity. Instead, Donald has limited admission to 500 spectators and limited the amount of media that can shoot the event. This might sound like a bad idea to some, but here is the payoff: the Live feed will be a Pay-Per-View in which viewers can pay $10, and watch from their couch, bed, or wherever else they may be. This will ensure that not only does everybody get to watch the action, but that Long rakes in a little dough to help pay that massive purse as well.

There’s no doubt a purse of this size will have every car on the property tuned up and trying to rotate the earth, and every tuner and driver doing what they can to make sure the cars go a-to-b each pass to have the best shot at writing history and taking home the richest payday in heads-up racing!

This was one for the ages! Can’t wait for sweet 16!

Posted by Speed Society on Monday, March 12, 2018

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