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Take A Look At Gas Monkey Garages Best Engine Swaps!

The guys at Gas Monkey Garage are always up on the latest trends in the automotive industry and help drive innovation by putting their touch on things as they roll through the shop.

One huge aspect of their builds that get a lot of attention is engine swap choices, so today we join Charles to check out some of the trending swaps in the industry. First up, the hottest trend for a few years now, GM’s LS-series of engines. From junkyard pullout 5.3 engines to full tilt 454 LSx, these builds can run from mild to wild, and they can also be dirt cheap or high dollar. The main draw for most people is the price of the lower end engines, usually less than $1,000 from your local junkyard.

Next up, one of the more subtle swaps they guys have done. They pulled the 429 inch powerplant to a 500 in Cadillac bullet under the massive hood of a  1967 Caddy. While not a super-trendy swap like the LS, this swap provided more power to move the hulking steel hotrod while maintaining the Cadillac continuity.

Finally, one of the newer trends in swaps that is likely to catch on over the next few years, the Gas Monkeys dropped an EcoBoost V6 into their DiTomaso Pantera build. Upping the boost on the six banger should allow it to crank out some serious horsepower while maintaining decent fuel economy when it’s not screaming through the upper end of the RPM range.

That’s just three of the many available swaps out there. We’ve seen some wild ones, and look forward to seeing what the gearhead nation comes up with next!