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Take A Look Behind The Scenes at SD Wrap

When it came time to customize the look of our 3 year anniversary sweepstakes, we turned to one of the premier automotive styling destinations in the country. Luckily for us, they just happen to be located right here in beautiful San Diego, the birthplace of Speed Society.

SD Wrap has built a stellar reputation as a complete automotive styling shop, offering everything from aftermarket wheels, powdercoating, customized headlight modification, and of course, the highest quality and most innovative wraps in the industry. As you can see from our Redline GT-R, they know how to make a car stand out in a sea of great looking cars.

The crew at SD Wrap works hard, but also plays hard, keeping their workplace fun, but productive. Since we share that philosophy, we wanted to share this “Day in the life of SD Wrap” behind the scenes video that shows what all goes on in a typical day at the shop.

These guys have a ton of projects in the house and progress is being made on all of them simultaneously, something smaller shops struggle to do. Wrapping takes hands, and the crew at SD Wrap is big enough to keep hands on all the cars, ensuring minimal downtime for the owners, who bring their cars to SD Wrap knowing they’ll have it back in timely fashion.

As anybody who’s ever even attempted to apply a large vinyl decal can attest, there’s more to the process than speed, though. These guys not only use the highest quality materials for their wraps, but they also have been trained in the proper application techniques to ensure the vinyl looks great and stays put. This combination of speed and quality is hard to find, but these guys certainly know their stuff.

From the shop, the guys headed out to HRE Wheels to check out some of the amazing local rides while showing off their handiwork as well. A huge thanks to SD Wrap for sharing this footage with us, and also for their amazing work on the Redline GT-R, hands down our best looking sweepstakes ride yet! Make sure you enter for your chance to win your choice of the Redline GT-R or $50,000!


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