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Take A Ride On Board Ken Blocks Rally Car As He Tests For A Big Race

Sometimes, when you see a professional work, something inside of you just knows that you’re witnessing a moment that’s special. Even if you aren’t the most well-versed in, say, in the world of rally racing, when you see a driver behind the wheel who’s really able to dictate that the car is exactly where it needs to be, even if the conditions get a little bit adverse, it can make your heart speed up, your pupils dilate, and give you that feeling inside of you that gives rise to the idea that you’re watching something amazing happen.

This time, we see exactly that as this video posted allows us to ride along with Ken Block as he sports a 360-Degree GoPro camera to really give us a good perspective as he tackles all sorts of different elements in the way of the machine going as fast as he can possibly go, taking all these adverse points with complete confidence and really putting on a show that’s worthy of admiration. As the car screams around each and every corner, making its presence felt on the course, you can’t help but crack a smile as this thing shows us something special with maneuvers that almost seem to defy the rules of physics.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to catch up with a series of expert maneuvering that put this thing on display and might even make you wish that you had watched a little bit more rally racing up to this point in your life. As always, Block is something of a driver to look up to as he makes all of it look easy, even though we can guarantee that you aren’t driving like this without a lifetime of practice behind you to have at it with such ferocity.