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Take A Tour Of A $100,000,000 Garage!

As gearheads, it sometimes seems like nothing is ever enough. Now, you don’t want to be unappreciative for the things that you do have, however, on the other hand, it’s incredibly easy to find yourself slipping into a daydream about all of the cars that you could possibly buy if money weren’t an object. Maybe you want to go heavy on the American side with your new collection or potentially have a strong influence of Italy in your collection. On the other hand, maybe you will have a mix of all sorts of different cars. Who knows? It’s all up to you!

As it would so happen, for famed film producer and director, Jim Glickenhaus and his son, Jesse, they don’t have to dream at all as the financial backing is there to be able to actually go out there and create the garage that dreams are made of and it’s incredibly interesting to be able to take a tour through such a garage to see how someone who is in a position to go after the world’s most exquisite automobiles chooses to put their money where their mouth is and put together a collection that suits their tastes in the best way that they can possibly fathom.

If you follow along with the video below as posted by automotive vlogger, Emelia Hartford, you’ll be able to check out this wonderful group of cars that takes you through all sorts of different phases so that you can get a taste of what this collection is really about. It all starts off with an off-road machine which might be taking you one way but before you know it, you also get to see a myriad of classics and even some historic race cars that helped to pave the way. We would venture to say that this collection has a little bit of something for everyone!