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Taking a Test Drive in an 1100 HP Supercharged MONSTER

Here at Speed Society, we hate to toot our own horn but we do give away some pretty awesome cars.

We want to put our stamp of approval on each and every one of these machines. Therefore, we have to go out and take a little bit of a spirited test drive after the car is done being built. This way we can truly say that we’re delivering the best of the best… or maybe it’s just too hard to turn down an 1100 hp monster.

In any case, a test drive was exactly what was on tap for our latest creation. The monster of a machine created through a collaboration between Speed Society and Forza Tuning and Performance was finally ready to be unleashed.

Once all of the bolts were tightened down and the belts were strapped on their pulleys, there was only one thing left to do. When a build is complete and the machine in question is ready to hit the streets, there’s just this feeling like we got when we were kids on Christmas Eve. All of that horsepower is just sitting there and waiting to be opened up! It would be absolutely wrong to not lay into it just a little bit to show off what it’s capable of.

Now, on the streets, we obviously couldn’t take full advantage of all of the power that the car had to offer. However, in this format, we didn’t even need it! Even at half throttle, a machine like this is an absolute beast!

By following along with the video below, viewers get the unique opportunity to sit shotgun in a car making 1100 hp. From top to bottom, we have to say that we have been impressed with the Redeye. With a little bit of a sprinkling of our own special touches, the car is really woken up on an all-new level.

Interested in taking a shot at winning this awesome ride? Click here to find out how. – Forza tuned


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