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Taking delivery of a 1000hp Yenko Camaro at the dealership!

It seems like an brand that has been popping up a decent amount recently has been Yenko as they have been cranking out some limited run vehicles that really have a wow-factor that manages to catch the attention of plenty of people. Recently, we reported on their Chevrolet Silverado that manages 800 hp and promises to be quite a head turner and this time, the company is producing another limited run machine, yet another Chevrolet performance beast as you could imagine since the company doesn’t really deal with other manufacturers. The platform this time is based on none other than the Chevrolet Camaro.

Just like the Silverado that Yenko put together, the Camaro will also have a 6.8L power plant that has been stretched from the LT1 architecture that featured a 6.2L to start with. To bump the power up a substantial bit, a supercharger is added to crank out some boost. The result of the effort is 1000 ponies on tap that are ready to be unleashed on the street through a manual transmission. Long story short, if you see one of these on the road and the driver goes wide open, it’s absolutely going to be a machine that screams and probably has no problem building up a head of steam with ease.

If you follow along in the video below, you got to quick look at the delivery of one of these beasts that really sounds the part. It’s going to be interesting to watch these limited run vehicles as they fall into the hands of collectors and we will be able to see if their value ends up heading up, down, or staying the same. They certainly do appear to be collectibles, for sure, and it’ll be pretty neat to see what ends up coming of the monster. For now, what we have for sure is a high horsepower car that certainly is going to do some turning of some heads.