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Taking Grandpa For a Ride in a 800HP Toyota Supra

Sure, having an 800 horsepower Toyota Supra all to yourself might seem like a bundle of fun, however, when you could take that power and share with somebody, it becomes even more of a great time, even going so far as creating memories that could last a lifetime. That looks like exactly the case here as the owner of this Supra is having nothing short of a bundle of fun, taking his grandfather along for the ride all while pinning the throttle to the ground and showing Gramps everything that this Toyota has to offer. Let’s just say that his reaction is pretty genuine and will probably bring a smile to your face.

It’s a bundle of fun to watch as the guy behind the wheel here tachs up the car and drops that clutch, really getting into the throttle and putting a smile on grandpa’s face, all while probably scaring him a good bit along the way. It’s alright, though, it all looks like it was in good fun and both of the guys ended up having a great time. That surely looks like a fun way to spend a day out on the road, banging gears and throwing back some good times along the way. I’ll bet you that there are a lot of people who wish they got to experience things like this with their loved ones.

Follow along with the video below that seats us in the Supra and shows us a great time, allowing us to go along with the gear rowing session and really forget about all of our troubles for just a couple of minutes as the supra really shows a good time. Can you think of a particular time with one of your vehicles that you shared with somebody else that you have found to become one of your favorite memories?