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Taking On A Bobsled Course On A Motorcycle

If you’ve ever watched the Winter Olympics and seen a bobsled race, you know that these things can get pretty interesting. When you throw the different storylines in the mix, it can really be riveting entertainment to keep an eye on, especially when you consider how quickly these guys are barreling down the course but what’s more interesting is when you take the bobsled out of the equation entirely.

If you’re kind of confused and have no idea what direction I’m going in with this, well, that’s kind of expected unless you took the good glance of the title. This time, in place of a bobsled, we have none other than a man on a motorcycle trying it out in a situation where the ice is removed and this guy has to stay all the way in the throttle to keep the bike moving as it heads into the swooping corners where it looks like momentum is very much necessary to keep him pinned to the walls.

In a situation that looks a lot more like a video game than something happening in real life, we watch as this madman on two wheels is trusted through the narrow corridor that was designed to support something completely different in design in almost every way but that doesn’t stop the ride from being aggressive with it anyway.

If you’re a motorcycle lover or honestly anyone who can appreciate an adrenaline rush, this one might be a little bit of a nail-biter to watch but we encourage you to check out the craziness unfold as the rider does everything that he possibly can to continue on with his mission to the bottom of this super tight course. What do you think of the way the rider was able to handle the obscure challenge at hand through all of these incredibly cramped hairpins?