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Tank Rolls Over a Car Bomb Like Nothing Even Happen

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on November 1, 2017

Our men and women in uniform deal with the most dangerous conditions on the planet daily as they fight around the world to protect our interests and protect us from attacks both abroad and here at home. One of the most lethal attacks they face come in the form of roadside bombs that insurgents place in cars, bury underground, or even put in the carcasses of dead animals in an attempt to destroy our vehicles and kill and injure our soldiers.

While these improvised explosive devices, or IED’s, still do plenty of damage, our soldiers have become more and more adept and finding and disposing of them, eliminating some of the risk, at least for the time being. While some of the devices have to be carefully removed, others can simply be taken out with some heavy machinery, like one of our massive tanks!

As you can see in the video below, there’s nothing careful or deliberate going on here except the tank’s operator making sure he’s lined up perfectly to roll over this junk car that has an IED placed inside. Once the tank’s tracks are aligned with the target, there’s not much else to the process other than rolling over the car and waiting on the BOOM!

And that’s exactly what we got, one big boom. As you can see, the tank rolls right off the wreckage of the car, not missing a beat as it churns along despite just enduring a powerful blast. We are very proud of our servicemen and servicewomen here at Speed Society and thank them all for their selfless sacrifice. It takes a special person to risk ones own life for the sake of others, and that is exactly what our men and women do every day. Thank you all sincerely for your sacrifices and service.

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