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Tazing Chris Forsberg while drifting!

Tazing Chris Forsberg while drifting!

You’re a stone cold killer behind the wheel. You’ve mastered your craft and are considered one of the best to do it. That’s what Hoonigan drifter Chris Forsberg has amounted to in his respective world and there’s no distraction big enough to sway his focus… or is there?  See, when you do something long enough it becomes second nature. Just to be cliche, we’ll say that drifting to Forsberg is like riding a bike to a normal person. When you’ve mastered your craft like this and have some free time on your hands, what do you do?


Obviously the most logical answer is that you get in your Nissan 240sx with your buddy wielding his handy dandy tazer and see if you can be mentally bucked from the horse. We would tell you how Forsberg does after being electrocuted in a few different spots, but that would ruin the fun. You’re just going have to check out the video below and see what happened for yourself!

Watch Forsberg tear it up in a Nissan 370z.

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