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Team COX Wins Back To Back NMCA Races!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on April 20, 2018

NFL defensive tackle Fletcher Cox is well known throughout out the country for his prowess on the gridiron. As one of the most talented defenders in the league, Cox helped lead his Philadelphia Eagles to the franchise’s first Super Bowl victory earlier this year when they took the won over the always-tough New England Patriots.

However, a lot of folks may not realize that Cox has a hobby, and it’s one we just happen to have a keen interest in ourselves: drag racing. Cox grew up in the Southeast, a literal hotbed for drag racing of all types. Fletcher, along with his late brother Trell, fell in love with the sport at a young age and has spent as much time as he can at the track while making his journey to the pinnacle of professional sports in America.

Obviously, football comes first for Cox, seeing as how that is what funds his racing ventures with friend and hired-gun driver Shawn Ayers, and his professional career has paid him handsomely enough to fund a world-class racing operation. With a couple of different cars, both of which are of the fox body Mustang variety, Cox and Ayers have competed in a variety of classes at this point, from Radial vs the World to LDR to no time grudge racing. With Fletcher’s Gold Dust Mustang having undergone a drastic transformation of the past few months, the car came out recently ready to compete in the NMCA’s Street Outlaw class, a class that runs a rule set very similar to that of X275. With the new ProCharged DiSomma Racing Engines mill providing the motivation, Ayers has driven the car to back-to-back wins the the first two races of the season, giving them a healthy lead in the points and a ton of confidence going forward.

Can they continue their domination of one of the toughest classes in the NMCA’s ranks? We’ll just have to watch and see. Based of his penchant for disrupting opposing offenses, we don’t expect Fletcher to loose his grip on pushing for perfection any time soon.


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