Teddy Bear Motorcycle Rider Loses Concentration and Crashes Into Gaurdrail.

Heading out and putting on a display on a motorcycle on the highway is one thing but ...

Heading out and putting on a display on a motorcycle on the highway is one thing but you had better make sure that if you’re doing everything that you possibly can to draw attention to yourself that you’re not going to make yourself look like an ass in the process.  It looks like this guy decided that he wanted everybody to look when he slapped on a teddy bear costume and hopped on his motorcycle to go riding on the freeway, however, as too many factors appeared to have unfolded at once in front of him, everything went incredibly wrong in a hurry as he ended up dumping the bike, costume and all.

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I guess that one positive that you can take from this is the fact that the suit probably helped to save his skin a little bit from the ground that probably would’ve otherwise grated him up like a cheese grater, however, I would think that this is one that this guy would rather just turn the page on and forget. There aren’t too many things that you can do to make yourself feel better after you just pulled something like this and it’s been uploaded to the internet for everyone to see.

Follow along in the video below as a nearby rider captured the entire thing from their helmet mounted camera. Luckily, looks like this guy was able to get back up and get rolling on the bike yet again and didn’t do too much damage to himself. If he didn’t bail out from that the way that he did, I would venture to think that running into the guard rail probably would’ve hurt a lot worse than rolling on the ground and away from the crash site. Be sure to tell us what you think of this display that was probably intended to be something funny but ended up being something entirely different as it went so incredibly wrong.

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