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Teen ejected from police car during crash after attempting to light crusier on fire

While most are able to have just a drink or two of alcohol and be on their way, sometimes, as we know, others can’t really handle themselves and do things that get them arrested for being drunk out in public… It happens.

This time, we check out a video of an Arkansas man who really had some steep trouble on his hands when it came to the way that he handles his liquor.

After being picked up by police for being intoxicated in public, the man still seemed to be a little bit restless when in the back of the police car.

He would continue acting out, breaking out of his handcuffs and squirming around in the back of the car until he managed to pull a lighter from his pants, then attempting to set the police cruiser on fire. This guy just seems like more and more of a model citizen with every second.

What happens next it’s pretty much a dose of instant karma to the face, however it gets pretty extreme given the circumstances.

The in-car camera captures the entire sequence of events as the cruiser rolls over and ejects the teenager out of the back window. It was reported by the local news that the teen would be fine and attempted to flee on foot but was later apprehended anyway and just ended up racking up more charges.

The police officer was transported to the hospital and his condition is unknown at this time, but he was said to be able to move around and was conscious upon his transport. The cause of the crash is said to still be under investigation.

Teen tossed from patrol car

This video from an Arkansas police officer's cruiser is simply unbelievable.As they say, "Wait for it…"STORY:

Posted by WTHR-TV on Friday, August 19, 2016


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