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Tesla Autopilot Hits the Brakes Before the Crash Happens

Tesla Motors is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the automotive arena. From building the quickest-accelerating production car currently in production to making self-driving cars a very real possibility in the near future, the company is changing the landscape of the car world in some amazing ways.

One area Tesla has focused on is Autopilot, a driving mode where the car drives itself, using a host of sensors and onboard telemetry to navigate roadways while the driver relaxes in the driver’s seat. A huge part of making autopilot a viable option is accident avoidance sensors that alert the passengers to impending accidents and takes appropriate measures to avoid crashing. In this dash cam video, we get a front row seat for the autopilot doing its job perfectly, detecting an accident before it even happens and bringing the car to a safe stop well short of the accident itself.

As you can see, the car issues an audible alert tone, allowing the passengers a moment to brace themselves, before slowing to a stop. That is some amazing technology, and it’s one of the reasons Tesla is one of the most admired and respected car companies in the world.