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Tesla Autopilot Takes On Terrible Weather, Will It Still Work?

In the corner of automotive technology, We have to admit that there are a lot of amazing things happening. No matter what way we look, over the past couple of years, it seems like just about everything has taken a good step forward. Perhaps, the most exciting example of new technology to come along would be that of the autonomous vehicle.

Now, we definitely have to admit that the autonomous vehicle is certainly not perfected yet. After all, there have been stories in the news of the tech getting into a couple of different quandries. However, as the tech is still pretty much in its infancy, this sector definitely has an exciting future.

This time, however, we aren’t looking toward the future, but instead, what’s available today. As most folks know, Tesla is one of the front runners in this autonomous vehicle space. While others are definitely strong in the running, Tesla really seems to have that market by the horns. Just how good are they, though? This is something that’s argued across the board. Most people agree that the technology definitely needs to improve in some capacity, though.

By following along with the video below, we get an in-depth look at Tesla‘s autopilot system handling some diverse conditions. As a storm is moving in over the horizon, this test puts the autonomous vehicle through a variety of different challenges. In this sort of inclement weather, the use of the sensors that such a system has in place might be a little bit challenging. How will it fair? Well, by following along the below, we get that insight and more.

As of now, we’re impressed with what’s out there but it seems to still need a human eye to be safe. We wouldn’t necessarily sleep behind the wheel just yet.


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