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Tesla Becomes the First Automaker to Offer Vehicle Wraps to Customers

When we take a look at Tesla’s business model, it stands to reason that we still haven’t seen the best that the company is going to be able to offer. For those who aren’t in the know, Tesla seems to be using a strategy that has kind of limited them at first. To the casual observer, this might not seem like a great business model.

Who wants to get behind a business that’s limiting itself?

Well, when starting off and needing an entire infrastructure that doesn’t exist yet, we can see their play. It seems as if the company started narrow with expensive vehicles that not many could afford and intends to go broader and broader. This is because they needed the infrastructure beneath them including but not limited to the means of production along with the means of being able to charge in a public location.

Think about it – how many public supercharging locations have we seen pop up over the past few years?

With that in mind, it seems like the brand is widening their horizons as the plan is really hitting its marks. Instead of offering these incredibly niche products, they are going to be able to customize a little bit more as time goes on along with offering more financially accessible vehicles. These cheaper vehicles are going to be the aim for the automaker as Musk has gone on record talking about how he would like for everybody to be able to afford a Tesla.

Not only are we going to see these more inexpensive automobiles. As time goes on and Tesla is able to reduce its production costs, it will be able to implement even more new features and options than it currently has. After all, they’re supposed to be cutting edge risk-takers.

As of now, most Tesla models are only available in a few colors unless we talk about the Tesla Cybertruck which is only available in the stainless steel finish.

However, many have been talking about the opportunity to change the color of the Cybertruck. Previously, it was brought to our attention that perhaps tempering the metal could be an option. By heating it up, the metal would change colors and offer a different look.

On another front, the talk has been tossed around of Tesla maybe offering wraps as well. This actually isn’t the first time that this has been brought up. However, it is the first that it has any sort of substance to it. At first, there wasn’t really any confirmation of something like this being legitimate. However, over in China, apparently, the automaker has already started offering this service.

Apparently, an article was written by EVANNEX that did some digging, learning that Telsa China’s official Twitter account announced the wrap service. Beyond that and a picture of a yellow wrapped Model X, we don’t have much more information. This sort of thing seems like exactly what someone like Elon Musk could get behind, though.

Now, it’s certainly not a given that this will ever catch on in masses. It appears to be something that they might be testing out for a small market just to see how things go. However, if everything ends up going as according to plan, maybe we will end up seeing this become a widespread option for every new Tesla owner. Who knows, they might even end up going in the direction of offering some sort of wrap subscription so that somebody could get their vehicle wrapped every couple of years and have something fresh.


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