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Tesla Excluded in Canada’s New $5000 Electric Vehicle Rebate

It seems like, in the near future of automobiles, the electric car is only going to become more and more popular. Thanks to Tesla, these days, it has actually become cool to own an electric vehicle. This is a far cry from where electric cars where incredibly niche just a decade or so ago. Back then, when they originally took a shot at becoming mainstream, most of the cars were pretty ugly. In a majority of cases, they didn’t really work all that well, either. However, with the recent overwhelming push behind the electric movement, the government is even getting in on the action.

With our neighbors to the north, Canada has put in place government incentives that will now allow consumers who purchase electric vehicles take a cool $5000 CAD off. Essentially, they see the cars to be good enough for the environment to shell out some money to help sales. Not included in the incentive, though is brand that most folks would look toward for an electric vehicle purchase.

As the subsidy only hands over the cash for those who purchase electric vehicles under $45,000, Tesla does not qualify. Via Electrek, “The $45,000 cut off point covers vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt EV, and Hyundai Ioniq Electric, but all of Tesla’s vehicles are excluded since the base Model 3 starts at $47,000 CAD.”

For Tesla fans who were hoping to get in on this deal, it is speculated that perhaps the company has something up their sleeve. Perhaps adding some sort of delivery charge while lowering the MSRP could be an option. Others have stated that perhaps they could separate options like they charger from the MSRP. We’re not sure if Tesla plans on making changes or not. As of now, though, the Canadian government isn’t helping out their customers.

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