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How Good is the Tesla Model 3 for Drifting?

Today, we get the answer to the question that literally nobody was asking. Now that it’s on the table, though, we can’t help but wonder what the outcome is going to be. Is it possible to send the Tesla Model 3 sideways in some epic drifting action?

When the Tesla Model 3 was put into production, we can’t say for sure how far down the list “motorsports performance” was. We would venture to say that it most likely wasn’t a priority, though. As gearheads, this is something that we absolutely have to put to the test, though. One can only own a vehicle for so long before they start to question how it would take a little bit of a beating.

For the folks pictured here, it seems like they finally got to that point with a Tesla Model 3. The car was originally designed to be a lower-cost alternative to the Tesla Model S for those looking to get into the electric car market. As of now, it seems like the car is managing to do its job effectively. How would it manage to do, though, when thrown into the gauntlet of drifting?

Sure, slinging a car sideways with the help of an emergency brake isn’t something that would be too challenging. How would the vehicle do, though, if it were asked to be under power as it carried through a drift? By following along with the video below from Drifts N’ Liftswe venture to find out just that. From there, we even begin to ask ourselves if electric power might be the future of drifting. We’re not quite sure if the electric is the answer to all of our problems just yet. These guys might’ve just proved that the platform is definitely worthy of a little bit of fun, though.