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Why A Tesla Model 3 Received A 5 Star Crash Test Rating

When it comes to safety, there is certainly a lot to consider. These days, the concept has become even more complicated than it used to be for the better. Long gone are the days where vehicles are passable just because they can survive an accident. These days, cars have to be able to not only absorb an impact. They also have to be able to prevent it. Because of the plethora of new safety options, manufacturers need a much steeper investment to win the best safety rating on the market.

As it turns out, the Tesla Model 3 managed just that. As electric cars are newer to the market, there is naturally some concern about them. Safety is one of those areas that makes us wonder where these machines will end up. With news that Teslas have been catching fire, stories have been circulating about their safety. However, it seems like, in the event of a crash, Tesla has it figured out across the board. No need to worry about your personal wellbeing while behind the wheel of one.

This safety comes in several different phases. When it comes to passive safety, the Model 3 seems to be quite remarkable as it takes an impact rather well. This category considers things like how well the car takes a physical impact and avoids rollovers. These are the things that one would traditionally associate with safety like airbags and crumple zones. The Model 3 hits high marks in this facet.

When it comes to available technology, this seems like an area where Tesla seems to strive as well. This is what we know as active safety. We all know that the brand seems to have the latest and greatest onboard. Safety features are no different as the nameplate is among the best at avoiding an accident before it even happens.

There is a lot of debate as to if electric cars are good enough to be a viable mainstream option these days. While that could be talked about for hours on end, it seems like the safety debate is settled. By following along with the Business Insider video below, we learn about what makes the Model 3 so great and how it earned its 5-star rating.